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I passed a pill bug that was stuck on its back, and without thinking, I bent over and flipped him. If it could talk, it would have probably thanked me, but I felt really good about it anyway. That’s why I think I should be the next president of the United States.The name's Tim. Born September 15th, in some year. Nice to meet you, maybe.I play guitar, sing silly songs, write stuff, draw shitty pictures and make people on the Internet mad on a professional level. I drink a lot of tea, take pictures of bugs often and love to write letters to people. I also play Magic: The Gathering and wear wacky socks. I generally don't like people and also think about death a lot.

New video by Odd Future.

You don’t even have to be a fan of Odd Future to appreciate video making at its FINEST.

On an unrelated note, what the hell did I just watch.


Hi, Tumblr.

Just gonna pop in for a sec and share this, because it must be seen. Then, I won’t be back until I get my laptop charger.



I thought this should be seen by the public.




Pete Wentz taking food from a homeless man and then laughing about it

That grade-A douche.

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I actually laughed.



I’m gonna start responding with this to people when they text me.

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He’s a dolphin.

How can anyone say that Britain DOESN’T have talent?