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I passed a pill bug that was stuck on its back, and without thinking, I bent over and flipped him. If it could talk, it would have probably thanked me, but I felt really good about it anyway. That’s why I think I should be the next president of the United States.The name's Tim. Born September 15th, in some year. Nice to meet you, maybe.I play guitar, sing silly songs, write stuff, draw shitty pictures and make people on the Internet mad on a professional level. I drink a lot of tea, take pictures of bugs often and love to write letters to people. I also play Magic: The Gathering and wear wacky socks. I generally don't like people and also think about death a lot.

Birthday’s going all right. Two friends called me to wish me a happy birthday, though one was a poopface about it. I went to Wal-Mart and spoiled myself by splurging on a 2-pack of my favorite pens, along with the cheapest bottle of wine I could find (ooh yeah big spender). Cashier asked for my ID and we had an extensive conversation about my hair and how cool it was in my driver license. That was nice.

I’m gonna drink this whole bottle of cheap wine and forget my name.

Then I went over to Guitar Center and played the drums for a while, but soon got bored of it, so I left to go to Baskin Robbins because they sent me a coupon for a free scoop of ice cream, just for being born. Didn’t know it would be so tiny.

Then I drove around trying to find something to do so that today could end faster but unfortunately it is going so slowly and I wish it wasn’t even September anymore. I’m not really having much fun but yesterday was cool so I guess it’s not a big deal.

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